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Integrative Sophro-Analysis®

La séance - Rima Wansa, Sophro-Analyste – Thérapeute Psychocorporel

What is Integrative Sophro-Analysis®?

The Alliance of Psychotherapy and Sophrology

Integrative Sophro-Analysis® is a mind-body therapy that uses tools such as sophrology, meditation and visualization.

It offers us an inner journey through our own life story and challenges our limiting beliefs in order to disable a losing scenario or a repetitive life pattern that has become too painful. It allows us to have an understanding of our psychological functioning and the mechanisms put in place that may underlie a certain type of behaviour. To inhabit the body as a whole and hear its messages.

Integrative Sophro-Analysis® includes active listening associated with the tools of psychoanalysis and transactional analysis. The tools of sophrology and its protocols of breathing and listening to the bodies messages are also part of the methodology.

With gentleness and kindness, Integrative Sophro-Analysis® invites us to make peace with our story and to reappropriate one’s own creative life power.

This therapy is intended for every person, adult or adolescent, who wishes to tackle a specific problem or life issue and reconcile with it, to become at peace with the mind and body.