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The benefits

Bienfaits - Rima Wansa, Sophro-Analyste – Thérapeute Psychocorporel

The Benefits of Integrative Sophro-Analysis®

  • To be able to welcome and improve disorders linked to stress, emotions, fears and anxieties.
  • Release tension and access body-mind relaxation.
  • Re-connect with the body to express and become aware of its basic needs.
  • Know how to manage and relieve pain and chronic fatigue.
  • Improve memorization, learning and concentration skills.
  • Develop inner resources and adaptability.
  • Learn to observe, integrate and cultivate the “positive”.
  • Identify, understand, and disable repeating loving, family, and professional scenarios.
  • Exit from conflicting or unsatisfactory relationships and experience authentic relationships.
  • Develop internal security space.

  • Preparation for exams, competitions, stressful or anxiogenic events.
  • Sports training: training, performances, events.
  • Improve sleep disorders.